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Spring Cleaning

It's that time of year.....SPRING! Below are some areas of your home and items to focus on in your cleaning efforts. Take it one step at a time and start checking items off your list!

Curtains trap dust and dander so giving them a good cleaning twice a year is a great way to keep them clean. Spring is an awesome time for that. Take them down and wash them. Most curtains will require ironing before you put them back up to keep them looking their best.

Blinds are dust collectors and often overlooked during a regular weekly clean. Use your vacuum attachment to give them a first pass and if they still need some work take a damp cloth and wipe them down.

Ceiling fans are great and most people have them in their living spaces. But, they don't usually get cleaned that often. Wipe down the blades and check to make sure they are in good working order.

Windows and sills will need your attention as well. Open those windows and wipe the sills to remove dust and debris. Give the windows a good cleaning inside first so you know what needs to be addressed on the outside.

The tops of your kitchen cabinets are out of sight, out of mind. But that doesn't mean that they don't need to be cleaned. If possible vacuum them off first. That will get most of the dust that has accumulated. A damp rag should get the rest.

Baseboards need some attention too! First use your vacuum attachment to remove the first layer and then a damp rag may be in order to get the rest of the grim.

Doorways should also be vacuumed and wiped to removed dust and dirt build-up.

Look up! How often do we check to see if the bath fans and ceiling registers are free of build-up? Take your vacuum attachment and give them a good cleaning.

Your refrigerator is an appliance that is used multiple times in a day but can often be overlooked in our regular cleaning routines. Take some time to empty the frig, check expiration dates and get rid of expired items, and wipe down all shelves and drawers with soap and water. If you have the time, think about adding some organizational supplies to your frig to help it function better for you and your family.

Take some time to deep clean your stove top. Remove parts that can be taken off and soak them to remove grease and grim that has built up.

Now that the windows can be opened, clean your oven. This process takes hours and can be hot and smelly so having the windows open will help with the odor and heat.

While you probably wash sheets weekly, your comforters and duvets probably aren't getting that much attention. Take some time to wash all bed linens, including bed skirts, mattress pads, pillows, etc. Some linens will need to be ironed to look their best when you put them back on the bed.

Rotate your mattress if possible. That will help the wear on the mattress be more even and the mattress will hopefully last longer.

To keep your closet in great working order, swap out seasonal items. Pack up winter clothing and store them until needed. Dry clean items that may need cleaning before you store for the summer.

Trash cans do a lot of work for us and they need a little TLC once in a while. Take some time to clean out all your cans in your home. I also take my garbage and recycling cans outside and spray them out with my hose and clean them with soap.

Sweep off your porch, deck, and any solid surface to remove debris from the winter months. Check for any damage that may need to be addressed to keep the spaces in good working order. Remove any cobwebs from reachable areas.

Give your outdoor furniture some attention. Wipe it down and inspect it to make sure it is in good working order.

Gutters are not fun to clean but important to keep up with. Haul out your tall ladder and clear out all debris in your gutters to make sure they are working well. Inspect them for any damage from the winter months.

When you clean your windows inside your home, take out your screens and give them a good cleaning outside. I spray them down with my hose and use warm soapy water to wipe them down. I then give them a good rinse and let them dry in the sun before putting them back in.

Even though this isn't a complete listing of all the items in your home that could benefit from a good spring cleaning, it is a long list of things to do. Take it a task at a time and, if it's possible, involve other family members in the cleaning. Some of these to do's are perfect for kids to help out with.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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