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How to Choose the Perfect Container

When you decide to get organized, part of that process is choosing the correct container for the items and location. There are so many options out there for every budget, style and sensibility that picking the right one can seem daunting. Before I shop for a client I want to know a few things:

  1. Do you prefer containers that are clear or opaque - do you want to see what's inside?

  2. Do you need a container that has a lid and can stack or a bin that can stack but doesn't have a lid? Or maybe your container doesn't need to stack at all.

  3. What kind of look are you going for? A Pinterest/Instagram look that is eye catching and often expensive, a mix of higher end bins with other budget friendly options or a money conscious look that is durable and functional.

  4. What is your timeline? Certain bins are in high demand and might take time to arrive. If you have a tighter timeline that may limit your selection.

IMPORTANT!! A step that often gets missed is taking measurements. Any bin that you buy, no matter how wonderful it is, won't function well if it doesn't fit correctly. I know that I must look crazy when I'm shopping at Target or the Container store and I pull out my small tape measure and measure items before I put them in my cart. It's not unusual for me to find a bin I love and after measuring realizing that I need to find something else. If you take away one piece of advice, always measure first!

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