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Do This! Do That!

When you decide to make anything a priority it can seem like a LARGE list of To Do's. That alone can stop anyone in their tracks. Why bother when you can just move that pile from here to there so you can use that space for the family dinner you are having. But, that pile hasn't been dealt with and moving it doesn't get to the cause of why it's there in the first place. When you don't have a home for your things and you don't have a system that works it can seem like an impossible task to get organized.

Working with a professional organizer helps you to stay on task and keeps you accountable to the project. I can work along side you to develop a home for your belongings and create a system to maintain your space so you don't have to move piles to enjoy your dining room table or kitchen counter. I also believe it's so important to empower all the people in your home to do their part so it's not a heavy burden for one person to keep up with. When everyone has ownership it helps maintain the work you have put in to make the space function the way you need it to.

Reaching out to an organizer can be a tough hurdle to overcome. Some people are so embarrassed by the state of their home or office that they just don't want to ask for help. Please know that professional organizers love to help and I don't come into a home with any judgements. I look at a space and see it's potential. The stuff is just something to sort through and put away. I look at the person/family and ask myself, "How can I best help them?". If you are looking around your space right now and you know that you won't get to it or you don't know where to start, reach out. I know that I can help you!

Let this be the time that you invest in making your home what you want and deserve!

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