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How to plan for your Holiday Clean-up

We are smack dab in the middle of the holiday season and when you look around your home or office space it can be daunting to think about the clean-up. The more planning you can do up front the less likely you are to melt down. Tossing everything into a bin and putting it away to deal with next year will cause you headaches! Here are a few questions to ask as you look around at what needs to be put away:

  1. Artificial Christmas Trees: Is the box that the tree came in still in good shape? Do you need to look for other tree storage options? Do you have bulbs that need to be replaced? Before storing the tree think about changing them out or purchase replacements to be done when you set-up next year.

  2. Ornaments: Did you purchase new ornaments that need to be stored? Does your current storage allow for the new ornaments or do you need to size up? Are there ornaments that you don't put up anymore but would like to keep? I have many hand made ornaments that my girls made when they were young. I don't put all of them up each year so the others were transferred to their memory boxes and scrapbooks. Some ornaments I simply don't enjoy anymore and I donate those.

  3. Decorations: Every year when I put away all my décor I first take a look at what I didn't use. If I haven't used it in two holidays I feel good about donating them. Someone else can enjoy them and I can make room for things that I love to put out. If you purchased new things you may already know that you need storage for those items. You may want to measure and purchase the bins in advance of the day to put everything away. Garlands, wreathes, trees, etc. may need specialized containers and waiting may result in not getting the storage that you want.

  4. Fragile Items: Keep in mind that when you store fragile pieces having bubble wrap or tissue paper can be useful. I always keep a small amount on hand from packages I received throughout the year for situations like this.

  5. Outdoor Decorations: Living in Minnesota or any colder weather climate, taking down your outdoor decorations can be tricky. Check the weather reports a few weeks in advance to plan for the warmest weather day. Once the décor is down bringing it into a warm space to unthaw is a good idea. You don't want to pack things up that have ice or snow on them. The moisture in the container can cause the product to be damaged. Before packing items away check that all the lights are working by plugging them in and change bulbs if necessary. Check all other items and make sure they are in good condition. If not, decide if it's something you want to repair or something that needs to be replaced for next year.

  6. Donations: When you go through all your holiday décor decide if it's something you will continue to use and if it's something you really love. If the answer is no consider donating those pieces. Storing things you don't use is a waste of space and every year you will open those holiday boxes and wonder why you're hauling around all this stuff you don't use.

If you are looking around and feel overwhelmed by the task, consider reaching out to have me come in and do the work for you. Enjoy the remainder of the holiday season!

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