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Holiday Party for Kids

I love the holiday season and one of the things that I love are the parties! When you enjoy the details as much as I do it is so much fun to put together an event. Here is a party that I organized and will host for a dance group of 8 year old girls. This party will be done via zoom so the bags needed to include all the supplies for each project. Each bag includes:

Bingo is a great game to play with kids of all ages. I found a cute bingo card on Pinterest and was able to print off a card for each girl. I included Hershey kisses to mark their boards so that they can play multiple games with the same card.

This holiday card is simple and can be created in so many different ways. I purchased the gems, cards and envelopes from a local craft store. I created clear labels on my label maker to make it really easy for the girls. They can glue as many gems on as they like and it makes this really great card that they can keep or mail out to a friend or relative.

I found this ornament on Pinterest and it was so cute I just had to make it work for the party. I purchased the wood rounds on Amazon (they come in lots of different sizes so make sure you pick one that will work for the project you are doing). I purchased the glitter cardstock for the antlers and nose at my local craft store. I have a Silhouette Cameo and I used that to cut out all the antlers. For the nose I used a hole punch. I had twine for another project and used that to hang the ornament. A little black sharpie to draw the eyes and mouth and this cute ornament is ready for the tree.

What's a party without a little treat! I thought this would be a fun way for the girls to create something they could then enjoy later. I purchased several bags of Reese's Peanut Butter cups so that I could pick out the green ones. For the girls bags I included Rolos for the bottom of the tree (different than what is pictured here). I found a fun new Hershey Kiss flavor to put on the top and it's all finished off with a bow. I made up all the bows for the girls and put those in the bags to make it really simple for them. I also included glue dots to assemble the trees. Each bag includes materials to make 2.

There is an abundance of good ideas out there so when planning your party see what others have done. The more organized you can be at the start the easier it will be for everyone to follow along with each project. As always if you need help putting your party together let me know! I would love to help you.


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