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For as long as I can remember I have loved to organize.  As a kid I would spend the day rearranging the furniture in my room, organizing and cleaning out my desk and color coding the clothes in my closet.  When I started my professional career I started out working in the Episcopal Church doing youth and children's ministries.  After 8 years in the church I transitioned to event work.  I got a job as a project manager at a large event company in Minneapolis.  I learned skills like ceiling draping, room set-up, conference planning and discovered my love of floral design.   When my husband and I decided to start our family I knew I needed to find a job that was part time and didn't require so many weekend hours.  I found a job at a non-profit in Minneapolis as an Executive Director and I have been at that job for 11 years.  This past year I knew I needed a new challenge and that's when No Loose Ends was born.  As a busy mother of two awesome girls and the wife of a husband who has a high pressure job, I understand the need to be organized.  My life would not run well if I wasn't diligent about having systems in place for things to run smoothly.   I want to help others find organization in their lives to help their family work in an efficient way.  I love a challenge and I am excited to help you tackle your organizational challenges!

The process begins with you reaching out.  Email, call, text or DM me about what you need help with.  If you are looking around at your home and your answer is EVERYTHING, pick the area that is used most and we can start there.  I will meet you at your space and we can talk through how you use it, what isn't working, and what your timeline is for getting the project completed.  The other issue to consider is your budget for the space.  I charge by the project and my range is between $250-$500.   Once I see the space and assess the scope of the project I can tell you my price.  Most projects require supplies to make the space work best so think about what you are comfortable spending for those items.  We will discuss an estimate at the consult.  I am happy to work on any project, large or small, in the Twin Cities Metro area (Minneapolis, St. Paul and the surrounding suburbs).  


Organization Services

When your home isn't in order it can feel like everything is out of control.  Taking back a space and getting it organized can save you time and energy that you can spend doing things you enjoy.  Let me help you get your space(s) straightened up.

An organized business runs more efficiently.  I would love to hear about your challenges and see how I can help.

I love a party!  I enjoy putting together all the special details that make your event memorable.


My pantry was a mess!  Courtney put an incredible plan together, did all the shopping for the accessories and created the pantry I have always wanted.  I am no longer embarrassed to have my pantry door open.  I especially love that she personalized it for my family to ensure it worked for us.  She is amazing, I would highly recommend her!

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